Wedding Details and Here Comes the Bride!

As I do more and more weddings the things that stand out to me are the details and the little moments that are not the necessarily what everyone is looking at.  I love the little moments.  This bride spent so much time on the little details of her wedding.  The cute little wagon as sitting there all by it’s self when I noticed a couple of the kids came by and started playing with it.  I did not notice the sign on the wagon until the children started riding in it.  When I saw the sign “Here Comes the Bride” and the little girl pulling her brother I just had to take the photo.
I hope that you enjoy photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.
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Atlanta Wedding Photographer | Christ The King Church

Atlanta Wedding Photographer | Atlanta Artistic Weddings
As a Atlanta wedding photographer I have the honor of shooting lots of venues.  There is one church that I love and it is Christ the King Church.  It is a lovely church built in 1937 and has been a corner stone of Atlanta architecture since.  They have one of the most beautiful sanctuaries that I have ever seen.  The tasteful stain glass accents the tall ceilings.  The powerful pillars that line the outside pews are stunning.  They have also recently updated the bridal room.  It is a beautiful area for the bridal party.  There are full length mirrors in the room also for the bride and as a photographer I just love them!  It is a opportunity to shoot the front and back of the dress in one shot.

People always say what makes a great church is the people.  I agree with this whole heartily.  The people of this church have always been the most gracious people.  They welcome you to their place of worship. I remember this when I first came to Atlanta and went to midnight mass on Christmas eve.  I was so moved by the people of that church that it really felt like Christmas to me even though I had just moved here and was 600 miles from home.

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