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 How did you learn photography?

David Diener, our fearless leader, attended art school in North Carolina where he studied fine art and fashion photography. Upon graduation, he began working for archaeology and history companies. While operating on some of the most famous archaeological sites in the country, he mastered his documentary skills and managed large-scale photography projects. David combined his talent and experience with his love for people into documenting weddings with an artistic flair. He has been honored to photograph over 300 weddings at different locations in and around the Atlanta area.  

Sarah Newman graduated in 2016 from the Art Institute of Atlanta where she specialized in food/product photography. Since receiving her degree, she has expanded her horizons and started working with AAW several years ago. She enjoys capturing unique wedding day moments between couples. As a photographer of her own work, Sarah also shoots portraits, but currently specializes in set stills/behind-the-scenes photos for theater and film within the Atlanta market.

What’s your style?

Our unique style combines classic wedding photography with documentary-style photography. We consider ourselves photojournalists and strive to capture natural, candid moments as well as formal snapshots of your wedding day with creative flare. 

How far in advance should we book you for our wedding?

Our calendar fills up quickly so you should plan to book sooner rather than later. If you’re planning on a shorter timeframe, please contact us to check our availability.

Have you photographed our location before?

If you’re getting married in or around Atlanta, chances are we have come across your venue. We have shot over 300 weddings in the Atlanta area. And though we have loved them all, we do enjoy shooting at new venues and seeing a location with fresh eyes. 

Do you photograph (African/Indian/Jewish/Catholic/Christian/Gay/Non-religious) weddings?

Yes, of course. It would be our absolute honor to document your celebration of any faith, non-faith or orientation.

How many photographers do you bring to a wedding?

We offer two professional photographers to be present on your big day so that nothing is missed, including a female photographer, who will remain with the bride for getting ready/pre-ceremony shots. With two photographers present, you’ll have full coverage of your big day with many perspectives along the way. 

Do you do video too?

Yes, some of our packages include video.

I’d really like for you to stay until the end of my wedding, will you?

All of our packages include a full day of photography. We don’t double book so you’ll have our complete and undivided attention from hair and makeup until the last guest leaves. 

What are your prices and packages?

Check out our Packages page for more information on our package options and pricing. Please note you can also customize your package to fit your wedding day needs.

Do you have insurance? 

Yes, we carry a liability insurance policy for venues and can even include an additional insured policy specifically for your venue.

Do you have a written contract?

Yes, we provide a basic contract, which includes details about who we are and what we’re about. There are no hidden fees. We pride ourselves on being honest photographers with full transparency. 

Will you provide a wedding day checklist?  

Yes, we’ll provide a detailed wedding day checklist. This will not only help you organize your day, but will also allow for us to communicate properly and to meet all your photography needs.

What will you wear to shoot?

It depends on the type of wedding/event you’re having. Though it’s important we blend in as much as possible, we also want to be respectful of religious or cultural ceremonies in which some colors may be considered taboo. On the wedding day checklist, we ask that you tell us how you want us to dress. Our staff strives to dress professionally and appropriately for the location and event we’ll be shooting.

How long will it take to see my photos?

Typically, we offer a one-week turn around on wedding photography. That allows us time to edit every photo. Sometimes though, the editing process can take longer than expected, especially during peak wedding season. 

Will I have the rights to my photos?  

Yes, we give you a photographer’s release on the edited photos following the wedding. You can share them any way you please. In fact, we encourage you to share via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and any other social media sites you may be a part of. We just ask that you tag us in your photos. You’ll also gain the rights to print and reproduce the edited photos from your wedding.

I don’t photograph well and can be awkward sometimes. Can you help me?

Absolutely. Because we aim to take more natural, candid snapshots, we’ll make sure you look lovely in your photos. Some take a little time to warm up, but in those cases, we’ll make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed while we’re shooting. It’s our job to make the process fun and painless.

You’re the photographer for us! How do we reserve our wedding or portrait date?

Wonderful! The next step is to email us. Please let us know your date so we can check our availability. We can’t wait to work with you.