What to look for in a Church when you are having your wedding

I have done many weddings at many different church locations through out Atlanta and the surrounding areas. The one thing that can be said that everyone will agree on is that they are all different! Each religion, minister, church group and church have different rules about what a person can and can not do. It is important to look over the church's rules and to ask as many questions that you can so there are no supprizes. I have talked to many people who think that when they rent a church then they can do as they please. But churches have very unique and specific rules that everyone has to respect. As I have said before I am (the photographer) not the most important person at the wedding. The most important thing is the ceremony and the couple. I don't use flash because I don't want to take away from the couple of the scanity of the ceremony. I am not going to be the obnoxious wedding photographer going behind you during the ceremony.

As always ask questions and look around at the different churches to have your wedding. I know there is one out there that will suit you, your wedding and your beliefs. If you have any questions please email me at david@atlantaatisticweddings.com or you can also look at google maps to find a church that is close to your reception venue or home.

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