Wedding Detail Shots

One of my first things I see after I soak in the beautiful dress I look at are what accessories she is wearing. She never just throws something on. There is always a story and forethought in everything she is wearing. I take love just sort of hanging back and taking these detail shots of necklaces, rings or ribbons. The bride loves to share the story of what she is wearing. Then all of a sudden she is letting you in to a very personal part of her life.

The real thing I like about the detail shots is they are sort of a abstract story of the wedding and the couple. At first glance you might see a flower, shoe and garter. But from the brides perspective it is the flower her dad brought her before the wedding. Shoes her mom wore on here wedding day and a garter her friends bought on a girls weekend out.

Don't over look the details they tell the story!

Thanks for coming by!
David Diener