Child Portraits and the joy they give everyone

Recently I was given the honor of making a portrait of a good friend of mines family and specifically their daughter.  They are so sweet.  The dad is a dear friend of mine who I give a hard time constantly at work because of begrudgingly attitude that he tries to project. I really enjoyed see all that melt away and see the real him as he interacts with his family.  The way he melts when his little girl smiles at him.  Also how he learns that 1 year old little girls have their own time line and that we can not rush them or change their minds with a wave our hand.
Doing this photo shoot reminded me one the thing that got me into photography and historical documentation  in the first place.  It is a sort of time capsule of a people's lives. I feel so honored to be part of it.  I know that the mother and father will look back at it and fondly reminisce on how tiny their little girls hands were or how they spent so much time picking out a little outfit that fitted her for only 3 months.   The child will years from now will complain how fat their cheeks where or how the outfit looks so dated.   In about 50 years the child will look back and point at the photograph and say "I was a cute baby!" and their kids and grand kids will look into the photograph for glimpses of their selves such as mom's nose or dads eyes.
This is a honor that I do not take lightly.   I feel so blessed to be part of each families documentary and portraits that will be part of the time line of generations to come. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all!

You can see the high lights of this engagement photos when you click here.

Thank you to all!!!
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