Why Wedding Photographer's Love Natural Light

It is no secret that Atlanta wedding photographers prefer natural light. The color is balanced and there is just something about the light dressing the bride in sunlight.  In this photo by David Diener you can see the bride just soaking in the natural light.  I started out as an fine artist and illustrator.  One of my favorite artists is Vermeer.  His mastery of light is unparalleled and that is why he is considered the master of light.  I am know I am no Vermeer but I will often use his techniques in photography.  He is often seen using a light from a window like this one and making some very dramatic light and bringing power to his paintings. 
Girl with a Pearl Earing is a great example of natural dramatic light

I also like using natural light because it like Vermeer it is a classic.  It is something that has been used for years and will be here for a long time. 

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