So Proud of my Students in the Emory Digital Photography Class

Students for the Emory Digital Photography Certificate Program
 As some of you know I am instructor at the Emory Continuing Education Campus.  Last year I taught one the best groups ever!!!!  Together we went through a very intensive course.  I have included a description of the courses Below.  We covered many photography assignments and editing projects.  At the end of the program we started to put their portfolio together.  There is so much talent in this group!  Emory has added their work to their website at

Please take the time and visit the site.  You will be amazed at the depth of their talent.  Also take the time to read the artists statement.  It is my favorite part.  There you will learn about their diverse approach on their photography. It was my honor to be part of such a talented group!

Emory Course Descriptions 

Digital Photography I
If you feel that you are not taking full advantage of the features offered by your digital camera, this is the course for you. Composition, selective focus, saturated colors and proper exposure all combine to produce images which make the best use of digital photography's tools. Digital technology has changed the field of photography more rapidly and dramatically than any previous technical advance. Ideal for the enthusiastic hobbyist or a serious amateur, we will focus on how the operation of digital cameras differs from their film counterparts through a combination of class lecture and photographic assignments. Learning how the camera capabilities apply to actual photo-taking and the impact of megapixel, file compression, and print versus email output will greatly enhance your success in photography. We'll also begin exploring the more complex aspects of photography, such as lighting, composition, use of flash, color and depth of field. You will share your work in class to enhance the class discussion. You are encouraged to delay the purchase of supplementary equipment until after class discussions. Click HERE to view upcoming sections.
Digital Photography II
A continuation of Digital Photography I, we'll practice using more advanced techniques for lighting, composition, moving subjects, nighttime photography, and shooting landscape, architectural, and nature subjects as well as closeup and macro photography. Students will explore using lighting, filters, angles, depth control, and zoom lenses creatively to capture mood and emotion in their photography. Feel free to share your work in class to enhance the class discussion. Textbook is not included. Prerequisite: Digital Photography I. Click HERE to view upcoming sections.
Digital Darkroom I
Digital cameras and digital software work in tandem to allow for the maximum creative effort in photography. This course explores both technical and aesthetic considerations in the medium combining lectures, discussions, demonstrations and self-guided practice to allow the student to explore their own personal aesthetic and to discover the skills needed for success in the digital darkroom. Photoshop is the primary software and this course covers the appropriate use of all tools and palettes, the importance of resolution, layers, selections and the Photoshop Bridge. Textbook is not included. Click HERE to view upcoming sections.
Digital Darkroom II
This course continues the exploration of electronic photography but shifts the focus to creative exploration of the medium. It encourages the student to use critical thinking skills to conceptualize and explore their ideas. This course covers image enhancements, media ethics, and communication and encourages the student to explore more creative explorations through photographic manipulations and montage. How are messages relayed and how can the artist communicate his or her idea effectively to the viewing audience? Class discussions are important and most assignments utilize lab time and hands on exploration, which encourages an atmosphere of community as students assist one another with problem solving. This course does not restrict the student to the Photoshop format. Students may use another software just so long as the file can be opened in Photoshop. Textbook is not included. Prerequisite: Digital Darkroom I. Click HERE to view upcoming sections.
Legal Issues in Photography
This course will introduce both amateur and professional photographers to legal issues they are likely to encounter. The focus is on underlying legal concepts and practical applications. We will answer three basic questions: How do you protect your work? How do you exploit your work? How do you avoid trouble? Topics covered include copyrights, various photography-specific contracts and the rights of privacy (including street photography) and publicity. The course is taught by an experienced attorney. Textbooks not included. Textbook: The Law (in Plain English) for Photographers (Third Edition) and Business and Legal Forms for Photographers, 4th Edition. Click HERE to view upcoming sections.
Take Control of Color and Composition
Understand how your camera sees color differently than your eye. Learn to utilize color control as a creative tool. Learn guidelines for composition within the frame to make your images more effective & memorable. Superb photography requires more than just a basic understanding of the technical capabilities of your camera. Translating an image captured from a three dimensional world into a two-dimensional plane requires attention to elements outside of content. Practice looking beyond the subject matter of your photographs to see the formal elements that actually construct the picture. Begin seeing photographs as an art form that communicates emotion, mood, and interpretation rather than a passive reflection of objects or people. Class will utilize discussion, traditional lectures with PowerPoint, and critiques of student work. Computer usage will be outside of class. Click HERE to view upcoming sections.
Let There Be Light - Working with Portable Strobes
Learn to make use of small, portable electronic strobes on location to control lighting for your digital photography. Advance beyond the built-in flash on your camera to add light from various directions and to shape the light. Compare methods of triggering strobes: Optical, radio & infrared slaves. Explore such techniques as blending strobes light with ambient, rear-curtain effects and high-speed flash. Click HERE to view upcoming sections.
Digital Photography Certificate Capstone
Throughout the Emory Digital Photography Certificate program students are building a portfolio which demonstrates their experience in a variety of photographic practices and a refinement of personal vision. Each student will present a portfolio of 20-30 photographs representing their skill and expertise in execution of methods learned and practiced throughout the photography classes. Prerequisite: This course is available only to students completing the Digital Photography Certificate. Please contact advisor for more information. Click HERE to view upcoming sections.

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