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Sparkler Exit and Classic Car Wedding Photography Exit by Atlanta Artistic Weddings

Sparkler Exit in Atlanta wedding photography by

Wedding photography is so much fun!  I love it when a couple add unique details to their wedding.  This couple wanted a classic 1930's style wedding.  The them was carried over on to the wedding dress, bridesmaids, and the groomsmen.  The bridesmaids wore a just below the knee cut blue dress with  pleats. The men wore a light beige almost khaki colored sports coats with suspenders.

What everyone commented on was there exit.  The groom had a uncle with a classic 1940's pick truck  restored by hand.  The pick up truck was restored to an immaculate condition.  It had the wood lined truck bed in the back and that is where the couple wanted to do their exit.   It was a rainy day but the rain stopped just when we had to take wedding photos.  What perfect timing!  This couple were so thoughtful and wonderful.  During the exit they jumped in the back of the truck and were surrounded by there family and friends with sparklers.  I could not think of another better send off for this couple!

It is such an honor being wedding photographer in Atlanta.  I get to witness such great couples and beautiful weddings.  I love the wedding exit, toasts and all the wonderful brides!

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