How to stay cool during your summer engagement session

How to stay cool in Atlanta during your engagement photo session

How to stay cool in Atlanta during your engagement photo session

Summer Engagement Session

They don't call it Hot Atlanta for nothing.  If you have been in Atlanta this summer you know it has been hot.  It has been in the 90s for days.  When it so hot we all migrate to the water.  I want to share with you this great couple who knows how to stay cool.

I just love this couple!  They are so down to earth and have a hear to gold.  They were so thoughtful to each other and just stayed coooool!   We did their photos shoot a former nursery.  As a Atlanta wedding photographer I love going to new locations! The owner of the nursery still lived there and is a artist.  There where colorful flowers everywhere.  It was just so beautiful.  There where so many nice little areas and each one with a different color background.  It seemed as if all the flowers had bloomed at once.  The other are that was so nice was that small pond.  It had ducks and even a few swans!  The pond had few steps down to it that lead you to a little pier.  The pond was even equipped with a small canoe.  

We shoot all over the property.  Taking advantage of the afternoon sun and the gorgeous setting.  All through out the engagement session the couple were fun and giggly. They asked me if they could wear their gardening hats and said "sure!".  I just love it when people show some personality in their photos!   We took a few photos with the had and then I said we need to take advantage of this pond.  It was if they ducks to the water.  They went to the end of the pier and sat down.  They soaked in sunset in the afternoon.  As I was taking their photos I can see them coming back to this same spot and enjoying the god's gifts of nature and love.

Thanks you so much for stopping by!  I hope you enjoyed the post and are enjoying your summer!