Great Wedding at Beth Jacob this weekend at Beth Jacob synague
A Father and his Daughter on their Wedding Day

I recently had the honor of photographing a wedding at Beth Jacob Synagogue  The wedding was absolutely beautiful.  The Synagogue is beautiful. It has high ceilings with stained glass all around the roof letting in a soft natural light. 

I wanted to share this photograph.  I think it captures a tender moment between a father and daughter as they are walking down the aisle. My favorite part of a wedding is capturing the emotional moments in a day so the family can look back at the photos and feel the emotions of that day in the photographs.  

As you can tell I do not try to over edit a photograph I tend to be a natural photographer using the natural light.  That way you can be unobtrusive and not be a distraction to the event or moment.

You can also see a video and highlights from the wedding day at:

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