The Knife Dance at Persian Weddings

I have had the honor of shooting a couple of Persian weddings this year.  Let me tell you they are a blast!!! It is refreshing to see new and wonderful customs at weddings.  As you know I always say to each bride and groom is to make it your wedding!  If you have not seen the knife dance it is a real treat.  The brides maids and other women start to dance a typical Persian dance with the cake knife and basically asking the couple money for the cake knife.  Once the dancer gets the money, the knife is passed on to the next person and they dance for the couple.  The bride and groom continue to offer money to try and get the cake knife.  After a few dancers the couple is finally given the knife and they are able to cut the cake with the knife.  It is great fun and enjoyed by all!

It is so cool to see all the different cultures and traditions.  As a Atlanta wedding photographer I am honored witness all the diverse weddings and photograph their special occasions.

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