Great Historic Wedding Venue and Staff at the Pace House in Vinings, Georgia | by Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Historic Pace House located in Vinings, Georgia.  Photography by Atlanta Wedding Photographer
As a Atlanta wedding photographer get to shoot at a lot of Historic Venues in the Atlanta Area.  This week I had the honor of shooting at the Historic Pace House located in Vinings, Georgia.  It is a wonderful historic venue with a hardworking and gracious professional staff.  Katie and Leigh were just awesome!  Leigh gave me a little tour of the property and gave me brief history of the property. It is a real gem of a venue!

You can learn more of the property at their website located at:  There you can learn about the history of the property.  The painstaking restoration of the historic property.  It is very insightful on how much the community has rallied around this historic resource.

I am going to share some quotes from their website.  They can tell you the history much better than I can. 

"If you're looking for the perfect place to hold your wedding, family reunion or celebration, look no further than the Pace House, Vinings' most historic and beautiful location. The Solomon and Penelopy Pace House and Old Pavilion offer an oasis of old Southern small-town charm right at the doorstep of Atlanta.

This historic house was built with the remains of the 17-room antebellum home of Vinings founder Hardy Pace. The house served as General Sherman's temporary headquarters where he planned the siege of Atlanta. Hardy's son, Solomon Pace, returned home after the Civil War to find the home in ruins. Sometime between 1865 and 1874, Solomon painstakingly rebuilt the home—albeit more modestly—from doors, windows and remnants of several small cabins that survived the fire of the main house.

Today, the Pace House consists of three rooms: a parlor, a dining room and a bridal room. The adjacent Old Pavilion, itself a Vinings landmark, offers ample event space bathed in natural light in a historic setting. The facilities include a catering kitchen complete with refrigerator, warming stove, and sink as well as moveable tables for food preparation and assembly. Two male and two female restrooms are provided on-site. A spacious open deck connects the buildings. Lush trees on the lawn provide shade during the day and at night choose the exterior lighting or the moonlight above.

As of May 2009, the Pace House has been added to the National Register of Historic Places."

I can't tell you how much I enjoy shooting at historic venues in and around Atlanta.  They give your wedding that charming character that makes your wedding a day to remember.

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Jewish Weddings Terminology by Atlanta Artistic Weddings

Aaron and Vered from David on Vimeo.

As a Atlanta wedding photographer I am honored to shoot so many different cultures and religions.  So I am always researching different religions and cultural ceremonies.  I know that a lot of people go to weddings and don't know intricacies of the ceremony.  So I have been posting different terminology for different weddings.  I hope that you find this hopeful.

Aidim – (also spelled Eidim) – Witnesses. Plural of ‘Aid’ – Witness.
Aidei Kesuba (Aidei Ketuba) – Witnesses on the Kesuba.
Aidei Yichud – Witnesses that remain by the door of the seclusion room after the Chuppah.
Aufruf – The Shabbos that immediately precedes the wedding during which the groom is called for an honorary ‘Alliyah’ to the Torah.
Badeken – Veling ceremony prior to Chuppah.
Birkas Erusin (Birkat Erusin) – Prenuptual blessing recited by the officiating Rabbi over the first cup of wine.
Chosson (also Hatan) – Groom.
Chuppah – (also Huppah) – wedding canopy
D’vai Haser – a poem attributed to Rabbi Dunash ben Labrat that is inserted into the Zimun right before Birkas Hamozon (Grace after Meals) after the wedding and during Sheva Berachos.
Eidim – (also spelled Aidim) – Witnesses. Plural of ‘Eid’ – Witness.
Eidei Kesuba (Eidei Ketuba) – two witnesses that sign on the Kesuba. Eidei Yichud – two witnesses that remain outside the seclusion room following the chuppah.
Erusin (also Kiddushin) – betrothal, the first part of the Jewish wedding ceremony.
Hachnasas Kallah – 1. Accompanying the bride to the wedding ceremony. 2. The charitable act of helping to arrange for wedding needs of a needy couple.
Huppah – (also Chuppah) – wedding canopy.
Kabbolas Ponim (Kabalat Panim) – reception prior to the ceremony when the bride and groom receive their guests.
Kallah – Bride.
Kesuba (Ketuba) – Marriage Contract.
Kiddushin (also Erusin) – betrothal, the first part of the wedding ceremony whereupon the groom places a ring on the brides finger.
Kittel – a white robe worn by the groom during the wedding ceremony. Kinyan – a formal acceptance of an obligation of the Kesuba and the Tannaim usually done by taking an object such as a pen or a napkin and lifting it.
Mesader Kiddushin – lit. arranger of the betrothal, i.e, the Rabbi that performs the wedding ceremony in accordance with Jewish Law.
Nesuin (lit. lifting, taking) – marriage. The second stage in the Jewish wedding ceremony.
Ponim Chodoshos (Panim Chadashot) – (lit. new faces) Two ‘new’ guests at the Sheva Berachos party that were not present at the wedding ceremony.
Sheva Berochos (Sheva Berachot) – lit. Seven Blessings. These blessings are recited under the Chuppah and for seven days after the wedding after a festive meal in honor of the new couple if ten men are present. Thus the party meal also became to be called by the same name.
Shoshbinin – close Family and Friends that accompany the bride and groom to the wedding canopy.
Shtick – props and other objects used to bring joy to the bride and groom. Simcha – Happiness.
Simchas Chosson Vekallah – (loosely) the dancing part of a wedding when the guests entertain the bride and groom.
Tabaas (Tabaat) – wedding ring.
Tannaim – lit. conditions. Originally a separate ceremony that served as a formal announcement of the engagement when the wedding date would be set as well. Now, only a formality; a Tannaim contract is signed and usually read aloud prior to the Badeken.
Tish – (lit. Table) – A place where the groom receives his guests; the signing of the Kesuba takes place here.
Vort – lit. ‘word’ (Yiddish). An engagement party to announce a couple’s engagement.
Viduy – Confession prayer recited in many communities by the groom and the bride on the day of their wedding just as it is said on Yom Kippur.
Yichud – Seclusion. Several minutes immediately after the Chuppah when the new couple is left to be alone in the Yichud room.
Zimun – introduction to the Grace After Meals where a leader calls out for others to say Grace.

I hope that you enjoy photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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Atlanta Wedding Photographer | the Selfie

wedding selfie
The Wedding Selfie
Hello everyone I know it has been a while.  I have been very blessed to have so many weddings lately.  This month has been full of so many fun weddings!  As part of my job I am a avid people watcher.  At the reception I am always looking for photo ops.  As you know no one leaves the house with out their cell phone.  The most popular thing is the selfie.  I have seen it at almost every wedding.  People take selfie with the bride and groom or the bride and groom will take a selfie and update their facebook page. I think these photos are great!  They so cute! So now when ever I see someone doing a selfie at a Atlanta wedding.  I run over there and take a photo of them. 

This photo is right after the couple got married.  They told me they were going to do a selfie to change their status on facebook to married.  I saw a spiral staircase for a interesting background and I switched a wide angle lens to make the whole photo more animated.  This was such a wonderful couple!  As always it is an honor to photograph all these special moments.

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Atlanta Wedding Photographer | Beautiful Wedding at Emory University

Atlanta Wedding Photography by

As a Atlanta wedding photographer I have the honor of shooting at the Miller -Ward Alumni House it is next to the Houston Mill House on the Emory Campus.  It is a lovely facility with a wonderful staff!  They could have not made easier on the bride and her guests. 

The Miller-Ward Alumni House is an ideal location for your wedding ceremony and/or reception. Surrounded by beautiful gardens and stonework, our facility offers timeless charm and grandeur to make your special day unique.

In addition to its stately reception areas, elegant dining rooms, and garden patio, the facility also offers a well-equipped modern catering kitchen. Our helpful and friendly staff can suggest caterers who will take care of every detail. 

The bride looked beautiful in a slight A-line wedding dress with a with a gorgeous train with buttons going down the center.  The dress was a perfect for her!

As a side note it was fun to shoot at Emory since I am a instructor for the continuing education.   I can referance to my students where I shot this weekend!

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Atlanta Wedding Photographer | Georgia Mountians Wedding

As a Atlanta wedding photographer I love the diversity that area can give you.  I recently shot a wedding at Big Canoe in the north Georgia mountains.  The area is absolutely stunning!  It has a huge golf course nestled in the middle of the mountains.  All  of this makes for a beautiful setting for photography.  Then you add a gorgeous wedding and you have some great photos. On the wedding day the bride wore a slight mermaid cut wedding dress with just the perfect length train for the dress.   It was very tastful and reflected her personalty perfectly. 

I can't say enough nice things about this wonderful couple.  From the first time I met them, I could tell they were just so thoughtful to each other.  They had such a great families and were so generious and gracious to all. 

I am sharing their exit picture with you.   I love the exit photos!  That way you get to see all the guest have fun sending them off.  I picked this picture in particlar for a couple of reasons.  One I love the lighting from the trees it gave such a warm feeling.  The second is just so random!  I just love the guy to the right in this photo.  I did not ask him to do this but him looking at the camera with that expression and pointing at the camera is just perfect!

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Atlanta Wedding Photographer | Great Military Couple! Engagement Photography at Piedmont Park Atlanta

Military Wedding by Atlanta Artistic Weddings at Piedmont Park Atlanta
Hello and thank you so much for dropping by my blog.  Where I share my experiences with shooting weddings in Atlanta.  Recently I had the honor of shooting a military couple.  I let me say they were great!  They found me online and we skyped our meetings so when they came in to town for their engagement shot I felt like I already knew them.  We meet at Piedmont Park at 8am.  I love working in the morning and especially at Piedmont Park in Atlanta.  If you get there early no one is around. You get to run all over the park and no one feels self conscious.  It is a great experience I suggest you try. As you can see the sun is still low in the horizon and gives off some great light.  I can't say thank you enough for the this couple they were great!

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