Number one rule - it is your wedding - good advice / bad advice

When you decide to have your wedding you will have a lot of family, wedding professionals and clergy giving you ideas about a great wedding. But at the end of the day it is your wedding. You should never forget that. This is day you have been waiting for your whole life. Don't let these people to cloud your vision of your wedding day. With this said there should advice you should listen to and advice you should ignore.

Good advice

  • Don't be afraid to delegate details
  • All decisions are between you and your fiance
  • Wedding size doesn't matter you will be just as married as anyone else
  • Write everything down
  • Keep all important phone numbers in one place

Bad advice
  • That you have to spend a certain amount to have a great wedding
  • let a relative be your photographer
These are just a couple of simple tips. But the main thing to remember is it's your wedding enjoy it.