Photographing the Big Exit!

Hi Everyone,
I wanted to share one of my favorite photos I have take in a while.  I have taken many exit photos in my experience as an Atlanta Wedding photographer.  At the end of the wedding and everything is winding down you can tell the the couple is ready to leave and get on with their honeymoon.  I always love this time of the wedding.  You get to see the couple and they are looking forward to being husband and wife.  Also it is the end of the day and they finally get to have some time of their own with no guests.

This photograph is of a couple right before they leave.  They had bought a Rolls Royce just for their wedding (the groom deals with exotic cars).  They said "David take one shot before we leave!" .  Not one to miss and opportunity like this.  I grabbed my wide angle lens and jumped in the front seat of the Rolls.  I snapped the photo. I think captures perfectly the giddiness of a couple right before they leave on an honeymoon.  

Sometimes things just come together so nicely and you have to be there to capture the moment.
I want to thank this Atlanta couple for their gracious hospitality and being so wonderful!

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