Wedding Dress taken at Sunset by Atlanta Artistic Weddings

Wedding details and Wedding dress at Sunset
Wedding Dress Detail Photography by

It is all about the light.  I love shooting in mornings and evenings when the sun is low in the sky.  Recently I had the honor photographing a wedding on a lake at sunset.  It was raining the day before but the clouds moved away and we had a beautiful wedding day for our special bride.  When I saw the dock on the lake where the wedding ceremony was going to be held I just knew that I wanted to use it for the bride and groom shots and detail shots of the wedding dress.  It was about a hour before sunset and I asked the bride if I could please take some detail shots of the wedding dress.  It was a little breezy that day so I set up the wedding dress and waited for the perfect moment for the photograph.  The lake was lake a mirror of warmth that highlighted the wedding dress in a warm glow just like the bride.

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