Photographing Wedding Dresses |

My we sure have been busy!  I have done numerous weddings this year!  I have photographed many wedding dresses.  Every dress I photograph has a personality.   I try to capture it in the photo.  As you can see this dress has lots of details in the back of the dress.

As with anything I photograph the first thing I look for is light.  I want to capture it in the best light possible.  I got the bride to stand in between the two corner windows and in front of the two mirrors.  That way you can see the light cascading down both sides of the dress.  The dress has a great train also so I got down a little lower than usual to capture it and that way it looks larger and the bride looks more powerful when you look up at your subject.  I also got the bride to give me a little bit of her shoulder so the torso would have more curves.

This was a very simple photograph that did not take me long but is one of my favorites I have done this year.
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