Atlanta Wedding Photographer Sitll Shooting Film with Large Format Camera!

I hope that everyone has enjoyed the 4th of July weekend!  I wanted to share that I am still shooting film.  I have had the honor of shooting some wonderful pieces of history in the last couple of years.  My latest projects have included documenting several buildings at Cape Canaveral NASA facility that were part of the Space Shuttle Program. 
I have always liked the quality of film and the challenge of shooting with a large format camera.  I have been shooting with a large format Sinar camera with plenty of tilt and swing.  They are capable of getting incredible detail and the film can be kept at the Library of Congress to be shared for generations to come.
I am starting to see some of my photos being published at the library of Congress.  You can go to: and see one of my favorite photos.  I was part of a team that documented Henry Fords Plantation at Richmond Hill Plantation, Georgia.  This particular photo was a long exposure of almost 15 minutes.  It is a photo of the tunnel under the Henry Fords Laboratory that connected to the mansion.
I hope that you enjoy the photo as much as I did taking it.
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